Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Roman Wick: This year's Fabian Brunnstrom?

According to Swiss reports, several NHL teams have been scouting Swiss forward Roman Wick, and there are rumors that he could be the next "Fabian Brunnstrom." (ie. the next hyped European free agent prospect.) Wick plays for Kloten Flyers, and was originally drafted by the Ottawa Senators 156th overall in the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, but was never signed to a contract. Wick's agent Christoph Graph said to slapshot.ch: "It is not a rumor, it's true: We are bringing Wick next season into the NHL." Up to 20 NHL teams have been scouting the Swiss forward, including the Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadiens and Detroit Red Wings. Brochu's take: He could become this year's overhyped European prospect. However, Wick does have two years in the WHL under his belt. With the early success of Brunnstrom, more and more NHL teams are scouting the European leagues for unknown talent. Source

According to Bill Meltzer's blog on NHL.com, forward Patrick Thoresen wants to come back to the NHL next season. Thoresen is currently leading the Swiss Nationalliga A in scoring while playing with HC Lugano. "My goal is to play well enough to get a 1-way contract and become an NHL player again," Thoresen said. Brochu's take: He could be a nice player to pick up. However, he has to be put into a top-6 role to succeed. The Edmonton Oilers and Philadelphia Flyers are reported interested in re-aquiring the Norwegian. Source

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