Friday, May 08, 2009

NHL and Hockey Rumors for May 9, 2009

According to TSN, NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly admits that Jim Balsillie's bid for the Phoenix Coyotes caught league officials by surprise and says there have been three offers to keep the team in Arizona. "He makes his own decisions and he's making a decision that this is the way he wants to get into the National Hockey League." Daly said. "We don't usually like to pick fights, but we end them." Daly was also named the temporary CEO of the Coyotes on Friday. In the meantime, the city of Hamilton has confirmed talks with Balsillie's camp, and expressed their interest in getting the Coyotes. Brochu's take: Get your popcorn ready, folks. It seems like this is Balsillie's Last Stand of getting an NHL franchise, and he's going to fight until the end. As for the NHL, did they not in early March claim they weren't in control of the Coyotes? And Daly's comments on owner Jerry Moyes seemed contradictory, since Moyes is looking for the best deal for himself, not the creditors. Source

The Ottawa Senators have signed defenseman Erik Karlsson to a three-year, entry-level contract. Karlsson was the Sens' first round pick in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

Patrick Roy met with Colorado Avalanche president Pierre Lacroix on Thursday, but it's unknown what was discussed. Roy has been rumored to be coming back to the Avs organization in some fashion, possibly for the vacant GM job.

Brochu's European rumor roundup:

The three frontrunners to land Swedish free agent goalie Jonas "The Monster" Gustavsson appears to be the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dallas Stars and the Vancouver Canucks. Source

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