Saturday, December 06, 2008

NHL and Hockey Rumors for Dec 6, 2008

According to, the Columbus Blue Jackets are interested in Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Randy Jones. The Flyers will have to make some moves very soon, as several players will be coming off the injury reserve. Source

Pierre Lebrun reports on several free agents, who are still looking at signing with an NHL team. Several have been offered two-way contracts, but these veterans are looking for a one-way deal. Yanic Perreault, Bryan Smolinski, Jocelyn Thibault, Glen Murray, Kevyn Adams, Martin Lapointe and Dan Cloutier are all looking to hook up with a club. Brochu's take: Perreault and Smolinski have the best chance of signing, but the others all have histories of injuries that may scare some suitors off. Source

The New Jersey Devils have placed forward Barry Tallackson on waivers.

The Phoenix Coyotes have placed forward Brian McGrattan on waivers on Friday. He has cleared. Brochu's take: I'm not 100% sure this has even happened.

Dave "Randy" Nonis has been named senior vice president of hockey operations of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Al Strachan of CBC's Hockey Night in Canada reported that Chicago Blackhawks GM Dale Tallon is on the hot seat, and rumors are president John McDonough wants to get his own people in the front office. The Hotstove panel also speculated that he is being pressured to make a "big move" soon. Brochu's take: Tallon is living on borrowed time in Chicago.

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